People Are Awesome.[Don’t worry-no politics here.]

This morning, I woke up to a freezing bedroom. Snoozing my alarm, and rolling over in my mound of pillows and blankets, I wanted to do anything but get up.

I turned on Headspace, and did my ten minutes of mindfulness [I may or may not have fallen back asleep…and that may or may not have been my plan…]

But after taking a much too hot shower, I decided to play the ‘dress nice test nice’ card. So I put on a real bra – which hello is very impressive and I deserve an award just for that. And a cute outfit because an awesome vintage outfit never fails to make a gal feel awesome.


When I go back and read blog posts from a couple of months ago, and even ones into the summer, I am shocked. I feel like I am reading posts written by a different person. I was so angry. I was so hurt. I was so lost. And yet, it’s so amazing to notice the people that come into our lives at JUST the right time. Isn’t that awesome?

There is no one I have ever met, laughed with, cried with, loved, [not cared for] – that I have not been thankful for. Each person you come into contact with is fighting their own battle. They struggle to get out of bed on the hard days. They struggle to find the words sometimes. But because both of you collided paths, there is a reason for this.

Whether they are your worst enemy, your soul mate, your future maid of honor, or your future roommate horor story – they have, are, and will help you. They’ll help you figure out who you are. They’ll help you to cope with what’s going on. They’ll help you to realize your mistakes. They’ll shape you into you.

My Happenstance Run-in With A Blonde Me

A couple of months ago, I was sitting at Starbucks doing some homework. It was a super nice day, and so I had set up camp at one of the metal tables right outside. There was a guy sitting at the table beside me, reading a paper. It wasn’t long before a girl came and sat down next to him.

I smiled a little when I first saw her – she was, in essence, everything I am. She had on 11 rings for her 10 fingers, bracelets up her arm, wild hair, and even wilder pants. But, I wasn’t going to say anything because I am creepy and do that too much. But then she took out a Tupperware of some weird looking vegetable, and started talking to her friend about blogging…so I couldn’t just sit there.

After introducing myself, talking about my blog, and chatting with them for a bit, and exchanging numbers, I said bye to my free-spirited sister and hoped that we would actually get together sometime in the future.

Well – on Thursday Devon and I are going to Hocking Hills with her friend, and my fellow social worker, Kat. We’re going to hike, do yoga, and explore in nature!! Isn’t it just so cool to think that I have this awesome new and cool person in my life all because I wasn’t afraid to introduce myself. All because I got out of my comfort zone and talked to a stranger.

My Wrinkled & Beautiful Angel

Today when I was walking to my internship, there was an elderly lady waiting at the crosswalk right by my house.[This was the same crosswalk where I was hit by a car a little over a year ago. Walking away with blood matting my hair, and a few more holes in my mouth than before.]

She had on the most beautiful necklace. So as I gave her a friendly smile, and complimented it, she looked at me with tears in her eyes. Her gaze was stagnant for only a moment before telling me that her husband gave that to her on their first wedding anniversary, and that he had passed away only a few days ago.

As the light turned, a cross walk sign appeared for us to walk. I held out my hand, offering to help her [because hello, I’m not an animal!] Once we got to the other side of the street, she asked me if she could give me a hug.

So there I was, standing at the same cross walk where I had seen my life flash before my eyes, hugging a woman four times my age.

And while she probably felt like this random twenty one year old, wearing a dress made decades before she was born, and a coat similar to the one she had on, was comforting her – she doesn’t even know the amount of comfort she brought to me.

I stood there with my arms wrapped around her frail body, and thought of my own Grandma, who had just turned 89 only a couple of weeks ago. My Grandma who married my Grandpa the day before my parents announced they were pregnant with me.

My Grandma who I didn’t realize wasn’t my biological Grandma until I was like 7. My Grandma who was a FABULOUS artist. My Grandma who takes in stray cats, and understands the importance of a well-made margarita.

I stood there, hugging a complete stranger with tears in her eyes as a lump formed in my throat. And before leaving, she grabbed my hand and closed her eyes as a smile started to peak through her small, wilted lips. She said,

“Women like you are so very rare. Let the world hear you rawr, but remember who you are. Don’t forget that loving people is the only thing that matters.”

So with tears flooding my eyes, I thanked the stranger for her kind words, and wished her peace as she dealt with the death of her husband.

I watched her walk away, and realized the insanity of this interaction. As a smile spread across my face, I looked up at the sky and thanked God for my sweet, old angel.


Friday was better than Thursday. Saturday and Sunday were better than the entire week before. Monday was better than the weekend, and today is a day I will never forget.

When everything in life seems to be going wrong, it only means that you have no where else to go but up.

Knowing this, and watching the rain settle as the sun pops its head out from behind a cloud to guide you on your life path, is the greatest thing I coudl have ever asked for.

Each morning, I wake up and I remember why I love my life.

Each afternoon, I try to do something social.

Each night, I read and write poetry before going to bed.


So after my interaction today-in addition to the last couple months of my life-I don’t hesitate for a second to say that everything happens for a reason. That nothing in your life, that no one in your life, is there by chance. To help you, teach you, help you grow, or bring you sunshine – every body matters to everything. Especially bees.

Madison (1)


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