We All Need A Vacation

I didn’t really intend to take a ‘leave of absence’ for a month – but I am so glad that I did. I think it is so important that we allow ourselves to ‘unplug’ from society every once in a while. Not necessarily from planning to do so, but by simply allowing ourselves to flow through our life as our soul intends.

Given the time to re-center myself, I am grateful for so many wonderful things.

I want to start to focus more on these small [and great] beauties in my life.

To give the forgotten parts of my world credit.

To give the forgotten people acknowledgement.

To share my art, and my love for the unlovable.

To be raw, and real, and honest about everything that bounces around in this crazy mind of mine.

To be transparent without oversharing.

To be a testimony that one can be a successful adult and do what they love, with who they love, and not settle in their life.

I will not settle.

I refuse to settle.

This is my one life, and it will be amazing.

It is amazing.

It’s filled with painting, and learning, and poetry, and friends, and parties, and candy, and family, and photography, and books, and music, and leaves, and sunsets, and yoga, and tea, and passion, and inspiration.

So welcome back, to this wonderful life.




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