Get on the RIGHT side of history


You’re raised being told you are a girl. And that girls wear dresses, and like princesses, and marry men. You’re told that over and over. Through media. Through family. Through friends. Through experiences. That’s what you’re told, so that’s what you believe.

Growing up with a very religious family, I believed everything I was taught about religion. It wasn’t until I got to be an adult that I started wondering, questioning, and explored spirituality to find my beliefs that I hold true myself. (Some similar, some a little different).

We blindly believe so many things that we are told, and at one point…I bet someone told you that a lesbian is inferior to a straight woman, or a gay man is inferior to a straight one. 

I have one question for you:

When your grandchildren, great grand children, great great grand children, read about Saturday’s shooting in their history class, and ask you what you were doing then – do you want to be the person who was standing on the wrong side of history? Or the right side?

Fighting the equality of ALL HUMANS puts you on the wrong side of history. That is a fact, not an opinion.

1940s: Nazis thought people of the Jewish faith were inferior.

1960s: Whites thought African Americans were inferior.

1970s: Men thought women were inferior.

Pretty safe to say that Hitler lost, blacks have gained a TON of equality back, and women…well…I won’t go there, but its moving in the right direction.

To honor the victims of the Orlando shooting, I ask of you two things,

1 Be on the RIGHT side of history. 

June is Pride month, and thousands of celebrations will be found around the country to celebrate the LGBT community, and especially now- it’s larger meaning. So join up, and march with your fellow citizens in the Pride parades. Show your support. Columbus is so happy to have our 35th annual Stonewall Pride Festival, and I’ll be there (most likely with my boyfriend if that’s not ironic enough).

2 Remember the first part of the second amendment:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Don’t be scared to support the idea of banning weapons. How many people are going to have to die before we start TAKING ACTION to save lives? You think that then only the bad people will have guns? Take every single one of them outside of military use. Every single one.

It’s no longer a radical idea to propose the ban of weapons when the news plays a continuous loop of mass killing after mass killing.

For everyone who was affected by the Orlando shooting, my heart aches as yours is broken. I hope that one day our country will see that we are all equal, and that a man’s sexual interest, skin color, or religion does not make him better or worse from another.

For everyone who has ever received homophobic comments, torture, or bullying; I hope that the men and women standing up today will make it better for the boys and girls tomorrow. Remember that no change ever came easily, and that this country has been resistant to change always.

Stay Strong.


Madison (1)





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