Homemade Candles

After working on some behind the scene stuff with the blog, and working to streamline the look, I know I have been slacking on the posts.

These candles were something I did last week, and were hands down one of the simplest projects I have yet to undertake!


The fun tie-dye looking mugs you see in the picture were actually once white. I used some alcohol inks to add some color to them, followed by a coat of dishwasher safe modge podge! (Here’s a great How To from Babble.) IMG_4404

Otherwise, I got some containers from the dollar store, Goodwill, or even old candles I had! A fun new idea I had was to fill my Himalayan Salt candle holder with wax, so that I didn’t have to keep putting tealight candles in it. I didn’t add a scent to this one, because I didn’t want to take away from the negative ion draw. 

The Wax

Instead of paying $8/lb for wax pellets, (which yes, if you’re going to go the route of 100% beeswax for your candles is probably what you’re going to be shelling out) I got decent sized candles at the dollar store that were probably about 1/4 lb. (making a pound of wax only $4). Just make sure that if you are going to add oil or scents to the wax, that you buy unscented wax to make the candles from!

Another thing you can do, is take the casings and wicks from tealight candles and use that wax! I had 3 pounds of tealight candles from various things, and I mean who needs that many tealight candles?! Taking those apart wasn’t the funnest thing to do, but it was essentially free wax, so it was worth it!

The Wick & Anchors

You can buy 9′ of wick from Walmart with the anchors for $4. Otherwise, Amazon has 50 6′ pieces with anchors for $10. BUT- you probably have some twine, or string and some buttons laying around, which will work just as well. Just tie a button to the end of a piece of string or twine, and it will work just like wick with an anchor on it!

Whether you use wick or string with a button, you’ll need to either wrap the wick or tie the string to a thin wooden dowel or pencil that will rest on the top of the container. This will keep the wick/string upright while the wax hardens!

Melting, Scent, & Setting

I heated my wax with a crockpot (that can easily be cleaned out-don’t worry), but if you don’t have one, put the wax in a glass measuring cup into the microwave or a boiling pot of water to melt it.

Pour the melted wax into the container, CAREFULLY.

Then, add some of the essential oil that you want your candle to smell like. Take another wooden dowel or spoon to slowly swirl the wax around so that the scent will be evenly dispersed.

Let it sit overnight, and then cut the wick close to the hardened wax, and below the pencil or dowel, and you are good to go!

Madison (1).png

What makes your favorite candle your favorite?

Have you tried out Himalayan Salt?

Madison (1)


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