The Kardashian Klan

Today, I was sitting at work talking to my co worker Kayla, who is also the fabulous owner and blogger of Kay’s Cadence. When commenting on how beautifully young a girl at our office looked, we began to chat about young women today getting cosmetic surgery. Which of course led to who other than Kylie Jenner and thus, the Kardashians.

The Kardashians are everywhere. They’re on the news. They’re on the Ellen Show. They’re on magazines. They’re getting paid $1/2 million to go to parties. The Kardashian Klan (including Caitlyn, Kanye, and now-Black Chyna) are worth an estimated total of $326 million.


If there’s money to be made from some event or incident, no matter how repulsive or private, you can bet that the Kardashians will find some way to monetize it.

kylie-jenner-face-transformationKylie Jenner found a way to make millions off of her plastic surgery…at 17 years old, and first started getting viral coverage for it with the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” around this time last year. Even with the insanely dangerous side effects, fans were doing whatever they had to in order to be like a Kardashian. Even better-then she launched a line of lip kits where the artwork was completely stolen from an unaffiliated artists previous work.

King Chario

Kylie first hooked up with Tyga when she was 16 and she was 24, which is statutory rape since Kylie wasn’t old enough to legally consent. Not only was this plastered all over the news, but Tyga wrote about it in one of his songs “Pleazer” with the lyric ’bout to catch a felony.’ But it gets better…Rob Kardashian married, and is having a child with the woman who had a child (King Chario) with the man (Tyga) who had sex with his 16 year old sister.

I mean look at how adorable this sweet little boy is…and this is his home life. This is what his parents are doing, what they are worried about and focused on.

Kim earned more than $2 million for her rediculous marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries. Not to mention her and Kanye’s marriage, which she demanded more than $15 million for E! to film the festivities.


I am all for being resourceful. Let’s be real, I am always trying to find ways to make a couple extra bucks here and there. But the fact that the Kardashians have almost every single teenage and young adult girl wrapped around their finger, hinging at their every move…is quite frankly pathetic.

They are one powerful family who understands publicity. For their audience, they are smart enough to target teenage girls (middle school, high school, and college girls). And here’s a groundbreaking newsflash…Teenage girls are idiots.

While on the tail end of this (starting my senior year of college this fall), I have never really been very concerned. Besides the red lipstick I wear with a mid century sundress, I don’t wear makeup. I don’t give a shit how big my lips are. If I have a zit, it’s going to show-make up won’t help that thing go away. And although this blog is [one of] my attempt[s] to gently shake the world, I know realistically that I will never break the internet with my blog – much less get a Webbly Award named for it.

Kim [the Kardashian family] isn’t just breaking the internet, they’re breaking humanity.

Think I’m simply anti-popular culture?

On International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating, respecting, appreciating, and loving women for their economic, political and social achievements, Kim Kardashian posted full frontal nudes. Later, she tweeted this:


When people like this have such an enormous role in society, they drastically impact the people in society. So Kim is showing young girls that not only does sex sell, but so does narcissism, entitlement, and utter stupidity. I mean come on. When you look at some of the politically correct stuff this woman says, you know it has been formulated, edited, and filtered by her team of PR professionals she hires with a fraction of her millions.

In high contrast to the shame the Kardashians bring America, there are women in powerful positions in our country who provide a much more admirable model for young women today. The Women’s List features 15 of these women. Successful, wealthy, well-known, seasoned women telling their stories, experiences, and viewpoints.

From the former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, and scientist, Elizabeth Holmes to world-renound artist, Laurie Anderson and Spanx entrepreneur, Sara Blakely. Singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys and athlete/fashion model, Aimee Mullins are part of this interview documentary that is truly inspiring.

Normally when I watch interview documentaries, or really Netflix in general, I am doing something else like knitting, painting, crafting-whatever. Busy hands are happy hands. But this was the first time in a long time that I was completely and utterly enthralled by what I was watching. I hung on their every word as if it was the secret to my life. These women had paved the way for me to make a difference. Listening and studying their stories will only help to inspire and motivate me.

Consuming myself with the meaningless drama and shit the Kardashians are doing, as popular as it may be, will only lead to wasted hours, wasted days…and a wasted life.

I don’t want to live my life watching other people live theirs. I am going to live mine.

Madison (1)

A question for the readers

What have you read, watched, or heard lately that has inspired you to be a better woman? To make the women that came before you proud?


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