It’s A Beautiful Life

It happened to me once the beginning of this past fall semester, and again a little over a month ago. I stopped and thought, “I have it all. I have it all going for me.”

I eat what I want and don’t think twice about it-something that threatened my life once before. I am doing so much better in school, having found my passion. Either my painting was doing well, Project HEAL was doing well, or my blog was taking off-but it seemed as thought whatever I set my mind to, I could do it.

Then came May 2nd. My boyfriend moved home to Cincinnati, my best friends moved home to NY, NJ, and Cincy as well. I was done with school, and started a 9-5 job.

My life was turned upside down.

Although I am loving my new job, it definitely sent me spiraling mentally. I could either continue to ignore this need for mental care and self-love, or I could continue to shove it under the rug. I could continue to pretend like I didn’t care that I was alone, and hadn’t posted in four days, hadn’t painted in weeks, and my room was a mess.

My whole philosophy is on treating yourself with the utmost respect and love as you should a stranger on the street-something we do not [as humans] generally do. I vow to believe that my one small voice could possibly change the world.

To change my life, I needed to grow a pair and make a change. I was letting Life happen to me instead of happening to life. 

So after feeling horribly sick Sunday night, I called off work Monday morning. Laying on the floor of my bathroom Sunday night at 3am nauseous, I knew it was from stress. I knew it was from inner turmoil.

So I slept in Monday morning, giving myself the rest I needed, I woke up at 1pm and finished up a couple of sewing projects I had started a while ago, as well as cleaning up my room, getting a suit for my interview, and dressing in an outfit that made me feel like Janis Joplin.

Then-I went out to live.

I went to explore Columbus.

I broke away from my new script, and filled my soul with the nourishment it was searching for. And in my one day off, searching my mind, I got the fresh breathe of fresh air I needed [literally and figuratively].

Which led me to these 6 mindsets to have on my life, remembering to fill my soul daily.

We define our own success.

Spending less time working and worrying about material gain can free up energy for things that really matter to you, that matter to your soul and things you want to fulfill in your life.

Don’t let fear keep you from taking risks.

Mediocre does not mean secure. Anyone can lose a job at any time, and limiting your experience in order to try and avoid this makes no sense. Don’t be a slave to security.

Do you.

Ask yourself what you value rather than just doing things because you are ‘supposed to.’ This is your life, and there is nothing you MUST do. Everything is a choice, even when you think it is not.

Don’t fear change or failure.

Change is the only thing guarantees in life, while failure is something WE tie to our errors, instead of simply treating them as learning experiences from the changes life presents us with. Things don’t go as planned. You will try and you will fail. You will get comfortable, and life with throw you a curve ball. Move with the flow of life rather than resisting it. Be ready to move on when it it time. Imagine the possibilities rather than the losses.

Call out judgement.

You’ll face criticism when you are different. You have to understand that other people’s words mean nothing. They are simply showing their misunderstanding. Insecure people judge other people.

Take caution with a grain of salt.

If you live life with caution, you will miss out on the experiences that will paint the amazing backdrop to your journey of life. Avoiding the unpleasant things, ignoring everything else, will close you off from the beauty around you. Live life with its glory instead of worrying about when the next time it is you’ll step in a pile of shit-cause i’m here to tell you, it will happen.

Not everyone will love you. You will get hurt. You will be embarrassed. Relationships will end. Jobs won’t work out. This is life. But if this is all we worry about, we will also miss out on the remarkable nuances and opportunities life has to offer.

 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is what living life completely looks like, taking the good and the bad, not getting too caught up in either. Recognize when things have been wonderful, and be mindful that life may be throwing you a curve ball soon. When you feel like your life has been crap forever, mindfully prepare for what the universe will soon bless you with.

It’s not about pretending there is no shit to step in along the path, it’s accepting that it’s there and striving forward anyway. It’s being mindful of what’s happening but enjoying life regardless. Step in something nasty. Then, step forward into life.

 “Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.” ~Louis L’Amour

Be present and remember, nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. No ball of shit too large that you step in, no blessing too great-things will move on. Life ebs and it flows. So the sooner we learn to move and flow with it, the sooner we will begin to embrace and experience each and every part of our life.


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