Labels & their realities

We aren’t born “black” “snobby” “smart” “white” “mean” or “[insert label here]”

The world teaches us these things. We are taught that “middle easterners are Muslims”, “Christians are afraid of death”,  “tiny rich white girls have anorexia”, “being overweight signifies lack of self control”.

We learn from society that “democrats feel the world owes them”, “republicans have a stick up their ass”, “hippies are lazy drop out druggies” and “valedictorians are nerdy loners”.

But the fact that these over generalized labels aren’t true of the majority of their population isn’t even the sad part. No?

The sad part is that we blindly accept these labels as if they were true. Not stopping to question them, believing that suddenly hundreds of thousands of people can fit into one small, close-minded box.

There is NO human exactly like you, so why would there be the possibility for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of them to be perfectly described with a 4-6 word sentence?

Think about your labels. 

You know them. 

The labels people feel describe you. 

When I was going to private school growing up, I knew that going out in my uniform meant anyone who saw me thought i was a spoiled brat who got everything I ever wanted and lived in a mansion. The reality that I had lived in the same house since we moved to Tennessee, and that my parents (being as amazing as they were) taught me the value of a dollar, was not explained with my plaid skirt, knee socks, and saddle oxfords.

Then, I was an anorexic high schooler. 

“Searching for attention” is a common label with this one, regardless of the fact that I was an upper middle-class white girl who had been dancing since I was 4. I mean stereotype much?

People didn’t know that the heaviest I had been put me in a size 3, that it wasn’t about my weight. It wasn’t about the thigh gap. It was about the control. It was about having something in my life to hold onto. “Attention” was honestly the last thing I wanted at the time.

Finally-  the college hippie. 

After doing a lot more soul searching than the majority of 18 and 19 year olds have done, I had combatted death, found myself, and been enlightened by the world. My mind was open to life and all of its possibilities. Drinking and raging while barely passing my classes, spending all my free time on social media was NOT ENOUGH.

So I started living my life the way I wanted, free. Loving people, reaching out, striving for self improvement, centering myself daily, being as natural as possible- but what you see is a girl without any makeup in a broom skirt, Birkenstocks, and a crochet top who paints and crafts in her free time. A girl who you “aren’t surprised is doing social work” and one you assume prefers the casual Lsd trip to a marg or glass of barefoot. (Very false btw. I’m a basic college girl when it comes to drinking).

So what’s next?

Well-you assume I’ll travel the world, be a lesbian for a while, vote for Bernie Sanders, join the peace core?

I’m going to grad school next year, and will most likely end up settling down with my boyfriend after that.

Labels don’t include the complexity of who we are, they don’t include our history, our experiences, our views, our support systems etc.

they are narrow minded views.

these are false accusations of people.

The next time you find yourself believing a label someone has, giving someone a label, or even doing either of these things to yourself-

Stop and remember this person is a human. With feelings, goals, dreams, heartbreak…

Our country and our world have forgotten this, and we need to remember.

We are the human race. We are all one people. We are all one family. We are all a part of One Love!


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