Have The Wonder of a Child~

If you can’t enjoy life in its most basic form, you’ll never be happy. You have no choice but to find hope in even dire circumstances. Be it smelling the flowers, the breeze in your hair, or the grass under your feet; the hope you muster gives you strength to carry on and allows you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

Have you ever watched a child examine something? Have you ever thought of how where you see a sofa, they see that [with a little rearranging] they have a pirate ship, private fort, or secret reading nook. They view the world as an awe of brilliant opportunity for wonder and excitement.

Each day brings new adventure in the simplest forms for a child. The dead bug on the sidewalk, the bouncy ball they found under the stairs, or a Barbie with one leg could be entertainment for hours and hours. Where we see a messy living room, they see a playground of joy.

A study from Edinburgh and Cal, had adults in their 20’s and children (aged 5) solve true life problems of individuals none of the subjects knew, asking them to predict what would happen as an outcome of the dilemma. Their goal was to see which group more often came up with the correct outcomes. And who did? The kindergartners. The adults had trouble separating their personal experiences from the situations, whereas children did not have experience telling them how to view or solve the issue at hand. The children simply looked at the prompt, and gave the first answer that came across their minds. While the adults were retrieving solutions, the children were solving the problems.

As we begin to age, and lose our sense of wonder. We all possessed it as children, so what happens? What causes us to go into “autopilot,” living week to week, month to month, or year to year? What happened to trusting our lives [and ourselves] that we will be led down the right path and lead the life we are meant to life?

We begin to lose the most essential aspect of our miraculous life. We want to know what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen. And since we are not psychic [or, if you think you are, go on telling yourself that], we fall into a familiar grind, causing us to miss out on the adventures, lessons, and magic that this very moment has to offer us.

This sounds simple…what about LIFE EXPERIENCE?!

Do we live in the same world we did when we were 5? Is it even possible to possess the same outlook on the world that a young child does?

While their world is filled with forts, exploration, and adventure, our world is filled with endless to-do’s, bills, counting down till our next ‘break’ [where we just stress about the work we aren’t doing], and today’s tragedy plastered all over the daily news [the heartbreak we have to shake off, going on with our day, pretending it doesn’t break us to our core.]

I mean really, 3 years ago if you heard of a school shooting, it would have consumed your whole day. If you heard of one today, it wouldn’t take up more than five minutes of your time. When we stop and think about facts like these, our humanity is trembling…Young children don’t know this stuff is happening around the world.

So when we grow up and see what the world [and humans] are capable of, it’s hard to hear and see these things and still believe that the world is wonderful, mysterious, and glorious. If you weren’t impacted by the most recent school shooting, flood, storm etc., you probably knew someone who was.

In all our suffering, there is a spark- you know what I’m talking about.

There is a spirit howling in the corners of the unseen world, preaching love, compassion, and forgiveness. Its that spark that warms your heart when your sister told you about the man who helped her get her car out of the pile of snow stalling her during the largest snow storm of the year. That spark that warms your heart when you’re grandpa was on death’s doorstep-and your next door neighbor found out he was a match, so didn’t hesitate to partake in a liver transplant-having never met your grandfather, and only spoken to you two or three times.

Human beings have an amazing capability to rise up, come together, and heal through compassion, love, and kindness. However, the people who do this are those who chose to see beyond their situations, and with awe ask the universe what it has to reveal to them this day, this moment, this very second.

Navigating through life with a willingness to share your gifts with the world, being yourself, showing up in your life, and presenting what you have to offer for all to see IS you sharing your wonder.

It’s Simple. It’s Free. And Only You Can Do It.


There is no one else on this planet that is just like you. No one that looks like you and walks like you and talks like you and thinks like you and does anything just like you do-YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND! You’re a treasure, and each one of you has gifts both big and small that this world of wonder is just waiting to reveal and open to you so that you can share them with the rest of the world.

Once you find those gifts darling, spread them like glitter on Christmas.

You are the only person on this rock that can do so in your own spectacular way.

How do you find these gifts? Simple. Be willing to see yourself.

When you are willing to see and acknowledge all that you are capable of, you are allowing life to unfold through you through all of its wonderful capacities.

To walk through life with a sense of wonder means you open up to a higher knowledge that is beyond the physical mind.

You can tap into this with your imagination- the passage to your true self.

Imagine what it would be like to live the life of abundance, joy, and love that you dream of- When you start to see the wonder of each moment, by being in the moment and appreciating life and feeling good, you will begin to realize that this life has been here all along. You’re opening yourself to a world of pure joy, natural love, and inspiration. The world will reflect this back to you, and these things will begin to show up in your life.

The door of possibilities will open through your new mindset of wonder.

When a door in your life closes, instead of feeling incomplete and useless, you’ll wonder what is through the broken window at the end of the hall-the thing you never would have thought about going through before~ You will be amazed at how solutions come to you.

Resources, knowledge, people, inspiration- they show up just at the right time for just the right resources. It’s hindsight that allows us to see that.

SO TRUST HINDSIGHT! This is how life works.

Your part is to trust and take action when your gut tells you. How will you hear your gut? Putting some wonder into your life won’t hurt. At all. I promise. And the awesome thing? You already have wonder inside of you. 5-year-old you, buried beneath stress, bills, deadlines…life~ they are down there, filled with wonder. Waiting for you to let them out to experience the world and show you all of the amazing things you have been missing.

Give Yourself Permission To Reclaim Your Wonder

Look at the moon’s fullness. Dance to the music playing. Listen to the bird’s chirping. Watch the sun’s descent into the horizon. Feel the sun’s powerful strength.

In your gratitude journal, start a “small stones” writing practice.

Write down one thing each day that you notice. Just as it is. Beautiful, plain, intricate, silent-what did your wonder notice today that was wonderful?

You don’t need money or tons of time to find wonder. Just stop and pay attention. Notice what is around you. Transform your mundane routine into an experience. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and our lives deeper, richer, and more connected.

Ways To Find Wonder In Your Life

Go for a walk in a park.Or [if you can] walk to work!

Notice the seasons change- full to colorful to neutral to baren to hopeful and full again.

Sit on the earth feeling the sun on your skin, watching the plants soak up the sunshine.

Notice the detailed pattern on the base of the utensils as you wash the dishes.

Watch the clouds shift in the sky.

The common things of everyday – look at them as if it was the first time you have experienced them. This is your wonder and amazement. This is your awe.

Write about it, sing about it, paint it, take a photo of it, pray about it, dance to it.

Fail to notice the small moments, and your life in its entirety will pass by quickly, leaving you with a lackluster memory.Witness these moments with presence, gratitude, and wonder, and your life will be vivid and EXTRAordinary.

Take some deep breaths and stand in wonder at the magnificence of life. At the people, at the opportunities, at the lessons…at the living that is waiting to be done, and the wonder waiting to be discovered.

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