Iris: Living Life to the Fullest

docRecommended for me on my Netflix feed a few weeks ago was the Documentary Now IFC series from SNL favorites Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers. The trio takes historic documentaries and spoofs them with the classic SNL hilarity.

As much as I love SNL – I can’t help but find a lot of their stuff offensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for laughing at myself, and being able to laugh at a situation-so sometimes I have to remind myself it’s all in good fun. So when I started watching ‘Sandy Passage’ [the series’ spoof on they Maysels brothers documentary Grey Gardens] I had a good laugh, but quickly wanted to know what the REAL story was behind this spoof.

prettyLooking up the real documentary, I was thrilled to see that Jessica Lange [from American Horror Story] and Drew Barrymore had re-created the documentary in the 2009 film – Grey Gardens. After watching the movie-I was hooked, and spent the next few hours [from about 1am – 3am] doing research on this fascinating mother, daughter duo and their story from riches to rags. As Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis [played by Jeanne Tripplehorn – a much better look alike than Katie Holmes, in my opinon]. 

money in your headI found a more recent documentary by the Maysels brothers – IRIS. The 94 year old fashion icon stole my heart. She’s known as the ‘rare bird of fashion,’ and the more that I watched her documentary, the more I fell in love with this ‘rare bird.’ She doesn’t care what other people think of her-if she wan’t to wear a suede jacket with embroidery and fringe and black snake skin pants – then hell that’s what she’ll wear. She perfectly embodies the outlook on life I find myself possessing – so intensely different from mainstream society.

miss irisShe says color can raise the dead – she’s traveled the world – she’s had multiple careers – she’s does what she wants, not caring what her peers say or think about it – she’s been married to her husband for almost 60 years – she apologizes to no one for living her life – she knows what’s important in life, and goes through her things, donating them to charity – she lives through creativity and art, something I thrive from.

When I’m 94 – I want to be just like Iris Apfel, which is why I know we had to have been friends in a previous life. I mean those glasses are just too fabulous.




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