Bullet Journaling

It’s blowing up Pinterest and Blogs everywhere, and when I first heard of bullet journaling I had no idea what this was. When I looked up some pictures, I thought to myself, “but this is how I take class notes, Journal, and make to-do lists every day?” It had never occured to me to be able to make a boring and simple list of words.

So I guess if we need to give it a name, we can call it bullet journaling – but basically it’s just using your creativity to take a break from your day while being productive at the same time.

fc0cb60ff4ed80e2ff20a3ee71a88880It has a lot to do with the supported theory of art therapy! Bullet Journaling engages your brain through a more thorough thought process – the same way in which being creative through art engages our brain differently.

My theory on creativity is that we are all born creative, and that our society discourages this right-brain activity, and forces every child to mold into an’academic’. When we force our children to do standardized test after standardized test, cut art and music from elementary schools and consolidate focus on math and science; they are eventually going to lose the strength of that side of the brain.

5148oJrQxtL._SL500_AA240_The brain is a muscle, and we need to work it just like any other muscle. Not only do we need to work our brain, but we need to work both sides. Especially for kids who deal with attention deficit issues [right hur brotha] sitting in a desk all day, not getting to go run around on the play ground, throw some paint on a canvas, or play some notes on a recorder, you’re eventually going to check out – and act out. We wonder why we can’t get our children to sit and listen to boring lectures on science equations – it’s cause they’ve been doing it all day.

untitledThe average young adult only absorbs about 15 minutes of information before checking out. So my 3 hour social work classes must not be as effective as the college thinks?

That’s where things like self-care and bullet journaling come in. We have to get done the things that are do – so to-do lists are a must to stay organized, and get things done on time. By knowing yourself, your limitations, and your strengths, you can use things like bullet journaling to either take ahold of your artistic mind, or work on the creativity your school system failed in giving you channels to express.

Bullet-Journal-12With Bullet Journaling, we are working the right side of our brain, giving ourselves a ‘time out’ from the day to doodle [a self-care must], and we end up with a personalized calendar or to-do list of information that’s exactly what you need – all in one spot~


Writing out a schedule or to-do list in a bullet journaling format is almost a form of art – taking my doodles on the sides of my notes and making them functional!

I bought a small journal just for this – and it’s pretty much just my catch – all for my life! Everything that I need to know, important info about school, work,  volunteering, my blog, my painting, and student organization!

1Being able to know where information about something is, makes it so much easier to go about my day. I don’t waste time rummaging through stuff to find the little slip of paper with that email address of that one lady who’s name I can’t remember on it~I can put it in a bullet page titled emails! Passwords, keeping track of money, birthdays etc., are all perfect for a bullet journal!

To adult, we have to be organized – but who say’s you can’t organize creatively?


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