Read it & Weave

I have seen more and more pins on Pinterest talking about “upcycling,” which really gets me excited-making something awesome out of everyday stuff! One thing that is pretty popular is weaving baskets out of rolled newspaper.

So I looked up some DIY videos on YouTube, and the whole process seemed pretty fool-proof. Needless to say these women were clearly pros. Let’s just say I probably wont make weaving baskets of newspaper a habit.

However, I did find a couple of things that helped me [obviously through some trial and error] so here they are, should any of you want some thereputic tearing up of your local news.


  1. Modge Podge (Regular and spray)
    1. I have become a fan of making this myself with Elmer’s glue and water, its a lot cheaper.
  2. Small brush
    1. Not a nice one…it might get nasty from the glue.
  3. A long, skinny object like a relatively thin knitting needle, wire, or a dowel.
    1. I used a pair of knitting needles I wasn’t using at the time, but found that I had to put them point to point to make sure there was enough needle to use for the whole strip. (I would suggest investing in a really thin dowel – the smallest one you can find, and a couple of feet long.)
  4. 2-6 large newspapers
    1. I only used probably 3, but this varies depending on how large your basket is. I decided to do a smaller/shallow one for my first time, and I was pretty glad I made this call. I got these for free at my local grocery store. (Don’t pay the $2.50 at can find them for free).


Rip the sheets of newspaper in half long ways [ripping double pages first-there should be no full pages]. After finishing, I noticed that the narrower the strips, the more pliable the rods were-so maybe even think about tearing the sheets into thirds.


Starting at one corner, place the dowel or knitting needle at a pretty small angle-this will make the cylinders longer-place a bit of glue on the backside of the corner you are starting on, and roll until you get halfway. This is when I inserted the other needle, but you wont need this if yours is long enough. I put a bit of glue halfway as well. Continue rolling until you reach the end, and glue the final corner down.

Then, simply slide the newspaper rod off of the dowel or needle.

I would say make probably twenty or so-I ended up cutting mine in half for my project, as I found that the shorter they were, the easier they were to use.

So I would say to make what you think you will need, and then make more  if you need to – I made way too many, and now they will probably just chill there.

Once you have made you’re rods, you’re going to make the base of the basket. I decided to go with a rectangle basket, since this seemed fairly beginner to me.

For the base, I took some rods and cut them in half. At the end of each rod [where I was cutting it] I put a thin strip of tape, to keep it from unraveling.

I laid strips up and down, beside each other, and taped the tops to the floor-to keep them in place. Then, I wove up and down-alternating-and making sure to keep them really tight. Once I would finish each strip or row, I would tape the ends to the floor as well, to make sure everything stayed as tight as I wanted it.


Once it was as big as I wanted, and all four sides were taped, I flipped the base over, trimmed the edges, and folded the sides in so that the edge of the tape marked the beginning of the edge of the back. Then, I taped them down from the backside-filling the bottom with tape, so it looked even.

Next, you’ll need your rods that you will weave in and out of. These I cut in half with tape at the end also, since the shorter they were the easier they were to weave.

I rolled tape into circles and stuck it on the edge of the back, to secure the rods all along the outer perimeter of the base-excluding the angles. You could really use double sided tape if you wanted, but I wanted to make sure they didn’t slip out if I had to tug one tighter while weaving. Put tape on top of these on the bottom as well, to finish it off.

IMG_1387So the one thing that they didn’t really say online, but was pretty helpful, was to have a mold or base container. I had a clear container I used for this, but only really needed it to get the sides started. I used it to measure my base before I started, but you wouldn’t really need this-I just thought it helped to get going. I put a rubber band around the rods that were taped to the bottom, making them stand up around the mold container. I set this aside while I got my weaving newspaper ready.

IMG_1368So for the paper you’re going to actually use to weave, I got really frustrated because each rod was only so long [these I did not cut, and left them their original length]. So I made a “ball of newspaper yarn” if you will, that I found really helpful!

So these you are going to want to make more pliable. For that, I flattened, crumpled, and worked the rods, until they were a bit softer. I found that folding them back and forth upon themselves also helped.

IMG_1367To attach them to each other, I put a little bit of glue on the ends, and then wrapped a small piece of plain newspaper around the seem, putting Modge Podge all on the inside surface-sealing the ends together. I put a paper clip on this to hold it for a moment, allowing it to dry, before rolling them on top of themselves into a ball.

Then, I wove in and out-putting some glue every now and then to make sure the weaving strip didn’t slide up and off. I held these in place with paper clips as well. Once I would get around to the same spot the next time around, I would take the paper clip off and use it for the row I was on.

IMG_1394You may also need to double weave a corner. I had to do this since I had an even number of strips attached to the bottom. The best way to do this is to loop your weaving newspaper around two corner pieces, and glue both sides. This way each row will be opposite the one beneath it.

Once you have the height you like, trim the pieces, and glue the ends sticking up so that they are folding inside the basket. Then, use a paper clip or other clip to secure them until they dry.

Finish off with some spray Modge Podge to harden and seal the piece.

I put my painting towels in the basket, and it makes a great addition to the Painting Closet-For now, I would say I’ll keep the extra rods for a day where I forget how long it took, and get ambitious again…which will probably happen.

Happy Crafting, Loves.

That’s all I have for now. Peace out, Scouts-








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