Why Self Care Is Important

Ever since the beginning of the semester, I had become so consumed with the day-to-day works of school, planning for the Project HEAL gala, getting teeth etc.,Β that around the middle of last week, I realized that I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in about a month.

I know that I am the best version of myself when I am creating.

At the beginning of the year, I pretty much stuck to painting. These are really easy to turn around really quickly, while some of these other projects take a lot more time. BUT-regardless of the time commitment, nailing a new skill and being able to say “I made that” for another cool set of things, well that’s the goal!

These are all in the beginning stages-I like to bounce between them. But I have found the most time consuming parts of these sorts of DIY crafts are the preparation-

Newspaper Weaving

After cutting newspaper pages in half longways, I rolled them around the tip of a knitting needle and added a bit of glue. Six Sunday’s worth of papers later-I had the rods in the far right picture…hopefully this will be enough!

Magazine Pottery

Cutting magazine pages in half, folding them back and forth to make thin strips, and then coiling them around themselves. This is how i made the small coils around the outside that will start the outside of the bowl, as well as the base. For the base, I just kept adding more until it was the size I wanted!

I will make a bunch more of the small coils, and make some in medium and larger sizes-that will stack on top of the small ones on the sides of the base to form the sides of the bowl.

Learning to Crochet

Definitely still a work in progress-but at least I can say I know how! After trying to attempt a hat, the angle was way steeper than I had needed-so we just made a little hat for the octopus that my cousin (who is clearly better at crocheting than I) made!

Candle Mugs

I had a ton of tealight candles that I pulled out of the tin casings, along with removing the wicks. For the mugs, I am going to try and do some sharpie art on these mugs before pouring in the melted wax.

A button tied to the string I will use as wick, will hold the wick down while pouring the wax into the mug.



And then of course-We have the paintings πŸ™‚

Welp. thats all i have so far. I am planning on doing full posts about the crafts once they are done!

-Peace Out Scouts


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