Pixie To Flowing

Yes, even those of us who never wear make up, and have more in common with a homeless woman than the average sorority girl-have aspects that are basic. For instance, I do love my Starbs dates with Mags and E, and “perf” is often in my vocabulary. So here’s a look into my basic side-

I have been pretty well-known the last few years for having some memorable hair. So I’ll walk ya through the pictures I am sure my children will bring up one day, as well as share my tips and tricks I think work the best to grow natural, healthy, happy hair 🙂


A pixie, horrible dye job, and now, the longest it’s been since middle school

Before the pixie, I had an inverted bob. Ready to trade my “mom cut” in for something to reflect my “against the grain” personality, the pixie was perfect. However, blowing out this statement haircut every day in college is not really something my last-minute personality, and lifestyle, allows.

Growing out the pixie-Finally got to a bob-Then the dying started…

After successfully getting through the various awkward stages that growing out a pixie entails, I finally got it to a bob. But of course, ready for change again, decided to get my ends dyed blonde in the oh-so-trendy ombre.

Full-on Bleached Turns to full-on Orange…

Wonderland-Wigs_-Quotes(Pardon the “orange pictures”-these were from Mirror Lake Jump night, the only night I have pictures from during this time-probably for a good reason.)The ombre was not the problem…the problem was a few months later when I woke up one morning and was inspired (for some ungodly reason) to go bleach my entire head of hair blonde…Long story short, it didn’t take much time before blonde turned to orange.

The Step Child in The Christmas Card & Embracing Reality

The orange was professionally dyed back to brown, and I have been growing it ever sense. Trying to keep it as healthy as possible, keeping heat and brushing to a minimum-it’s grown quite a bit, and is a ton healthier now. I even trim it myself about twice a month (much to my mother’s chagrin.) However, despite the amount I’ve been taking care of it-there is still a little bit of red in there, that seems will never go away. But hopefully last years Christmas Card (on the far left) is the last time people will wonder if I actually belong to my family of “brown-haired-brown-eyed-beauties.”

Biotin-is a pizza face worth longer arm hair?

Not only did biotin pills make ALL my hair grow, (leg hair, eyebrows…ALL OF IT) but it made me break out like crazy. As someone who has battled with acne since 6th grade, and works really hard to keep anxiety at bay-refraining to pick at the zits that may pop up-biotin was one of the worst things to happen to my skin.

Two or three days after I stopped taking them, my skin was completely cleared up (or at least back to my normal occasional awkward blemish). I have heard from other people that biotin did the same thing to them, so save yourself the money and time and skip the pills.



Make Every Brush Count

I never brush my hair. But, dreadlocks aren’t really the goal. So what I found works really well is to let your conditioner sit for a minute, and then using a wide tooth comb, comb through your hair to get out all the tangles. You’ll hear and feel a difference-less yanking and breaking means less hair tearing!

It’s The Heat You Can See

I NEVER blow-dry, and keep straightening to special occasions. I have naturally straight, thin hair-and I have just learned to embrace it. I found that the more I was trying to make my hair look full and thick, the more I was having trouble with it. So, embrace what you have! Just like everything else, I will tell you-YOUR HAIR IS LOVELY JUST LIKE YOU!

The Towel Is Mightier Than The Sword

After wringing out freshly conditioned, combed hair, I use my towel to get whatever excess water out that I can. Then, I let the air do the rest of the work while I finish getting ready. You’ll be surprised how much water a towel can get out-especially if you get as much water out in the shower as you can.

Come See The Softer Side of Conditioner

A tip my hair dresser told me a long time ago (so…this past summer…) was that before you put in your conditioner, wring out as much water from your hair as you can. He would even take a towel through my hair to get water out as well! Your hair acts like a sponge-so if it is filled with water, it can’t absorb the conditioner.

When shopping for shampoos and conditioners, I usually look for two of each. I like to switch of each day between them-another tip from my hair dresser. This keeps your hair from getting to accustomed to one vs another.


I use a natural clarifying, hemp shampoo and Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioner. I’m not a huge fan of Aussie normally-but this conditioner works well (granted you keep it in for the 3 minutes). So this set I focused on really cleansing my hair and nourishing it with a deep conditioner. The second set, I wanted something to help it grow, the best thing I found for this is Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Line of Shampoo and Conditioner (as well as leave-in conditioner).

I will always spray the Not Your Mother’s Leave-In Conditioner throughout my hair (after towel drying and before letting it air dry) regardless of which shampoo/conditioner combo I use.

After letting it air dry for 15 minutes or so, I’ll use a little bit of Shea Moisture’s Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner. (When I say a little, I mean hardly any-too much, and all these conditioners make my hair super greasy). I use this mostly on the ends to keep them healthy! Sometimes I will run a comb through tangly parts after this as well-the comb will usually go right through. Combing in the shower usually takes care of everything 🙂

Finally, I take about 5 to 6 drops of Grow Gorgeous’ Original Growth Serum and rub it on the roots of my hair. I got this at CVS after reading some reviews, and it was worth the $35. The bottle says to put it on your hair as well, but I found that the roots does the trick-especially after using the Shea Moisture on the ends already. Plus this will help the tiny bottle last longer. I have heard some really bad stuff about the stronger serum, and it making some people lose hair-so I would stick with the original (it’s cheaper too.)

I also found these-not only has the hair improved, but so have my braiding skills. And yes, the bottom left picture does feature my bald spot from my car accident. Safe to say I took that braid out before I left the house.

Welp. I feel like I have successfully indulged my basic side for a while.

So till next time, Peace Out Scouts-



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