The Best Psychological Thrillers!


While 53.3 million people were watching the NFL Conference Championship Games, I was scrolling on Pinterest- pretending to work on a paper for class. Beside me was my boyfriend, TJ, who was just as excited to watch these games as even my friends who may-or may not continue to be Patriots fans.

It was what came on after the game that caught my attention. The ever so familiar X-files tune rang over the speakers, and you would have thought a million dollars flew through the screen of the television by how quick I looked up.

TJ and I had started watching the X-Files a few months ago-per my love of David Duchovny from watching “Californication” on Netflix.

But, we aren’t the only ones who are finding X-files riveting. There were 13.5 million people who watched the premier of the mini-series return of the show on Fox after the games on Sunday. In the show’s prime, (January 26th, 1997) 29.1 million tuned in to watch the 12th episode of the 4th season after Super Bowl XXXI. [Inserting football fact because this is one of the 2.3 random football facts I have absorbed over the last 20 years: The Patriots lost this Super Bowl and won 3/4 by 2005. The only other team to do this was Dallas. *Brushes shoulder*]

This got me thiAlbert+Einstein+quote5nking. In a world where technology runs our every move, and is so often referred to as the “doom of humanity”-what is it about alien abductions, government conspiracies, possessed demons, practicing witchcraft, and the presence of spirits [among other topics from X-Files] that seem to last the test of time? Why do those who were my age in the 90s-who knew nothing of Twitter or iPhones- tuned in to watch, just like me?

The show’s topics [like those I listed above] are those condoning & bolstering the things that are taught in mainstream westernized society. They are simply things you only dream and fanaticize about-but that are simply un-realistic. The ideas that we are taught as of eerie, uncertain, or that may resist religious convictions.

From “Spooky” Mulder to Stephen King: “The King of Horror”

The horror genre brought in $413 billion in revenue in 2012. Horror movies bring forward the tales of our dark, evil world. They are so very raw (un-sugar coated). If we prepare ourselve13ae91e5adbb3e591c402cc88a863ad3s for the worst thing imaginable, then when we come back to our reality- we won’t have to hope for the best, but will be pleased with how much better our world is than the world in the horror film. But psychological thrillers and horror movies are very different.

While horror aims to scare, psychological thrillers are more about analyzing characters-looking at their motivation, their tension, their minds-basically their psychology. A great example of the difference would be a demonic spirit in a horror movie vs. murder or corruption or conspiracy in a psychological thriller

The Best Psych Thrillers & Where to Find Them

So I am sure you have gathered that I spend a great deal of my time doing various art projects. While I could paint till the end of time, I hate spending hours in my painting closet just sitting in the quiet. Most of the time, I will start some random Netflix movie or show. Depending if I am feeling like spending time to find something that looks good or not, I will often chose
something at random from the list suggested for me.

Here is a list of all of the movies and shows I ended up watching instead of painting-clearly they were rather engrossing. While Some are classics, others are rather low-budget. A few have bewitching character profiles or captivating storylines-the acting may disappoint.


This is why everyone [but me-honestly, didn’t really enjoy] Making A Murderer on Netflix. Murderers look just like regular people. They are monsters hidden in plain sight. In fact, they are stereotypically the ones that you would least expect. Often quiet, hard-working, and simply normal people. As humans, we are curious beings by nature. That said, we want to answer-WHY? We want to find a motive, and resolve issues we cannot yet explain. This is why we love murder. Its why everyone knows about Jim Jones‘ Jonestown, Jeffrey Dahmer’s cannibalism (shout out Ohio State), and Charles Manson [BTW Manson is probs why the rents weren’t real psyched when I started celebrating my “free-spirit soul.” But Janis’ vinyl & oils aren’t really breaking into Dennis Wilson’s home, costing $100,000 for my gonorrhea and totaling his car…I guess getting around with California Girls isn’t all Fun (I had to-it was too easy)]. charles-manson-quote

“We all draw different lines. Sometimes they intersect. Sometimes they don’t. We agree on forms of evil, but judge degrees of it, saying only the worst of humanity is truly bad. And everything along the gray lines is subject to opinion. These are the lines I constantly live on, crossing through intersections that lead down paths I barely remember.
And at certain times, for unknown reasons, the grim reality of consequence decides to rear its ugly head at me, and forces me to see what I’ve done. And I find myself staring at…THE DEVIL.”
Mike Wech

imagesBJH7VY12I am proud to say that I am insane. [My friends and family would argue in many ways, but I will use an example I can back up-] To be an artist, to truly love to create-and do so without limits, you must be insane.

To measure art, you are measuring creativity. An insane mind is more creative-for it knows no bounds. Thus-the insane make the most brilliant artists.

  • The crazy and the insane, are the ones who make history.
  • They are the ones who push boundaries and change thought processes.
  • They…We create new boxes for normal, sane people to think inside of.
  • We are resourceful and invent new-rather than simply accepting things the way they are.
  • We strive to be different and unique-thus, find our true selves rather than copy and paste what society tells us to be onto our person.
So, Spooky Mulder-everyone thought you were insane. I think you are an insane, wonderful, creative, boundary-pushing, history-making, artist.

And in the words of Pink Floyd…shine_on_you_crazy_diamond_by_medusa1288-d39x90l

Till Tomorrow- Peace Out, Scouts.




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